Undergraduate Students


Nallely Centeno Armenta

I am third year undergrad student pursuing a degree in Biology. I joined the Heteroptera Systematic lab June of 2017 as an intern. My current focus is on molecular data to resolve the phylogeny of the genus Pselliopus. Small bright orange bodies, with black and white striped and antennae distributed from parts of United States to South America. I never thought I was going to enjoy working with insects until I started working with Pselliopus. It was love at first sight and I hope to continue working with insects.

Victor Ellis

I am a first-year student at UCR in the Undeclared Physical Sciences major. I have always been interested in nearly every field of science, and I began to gain an interest in Entomology while taking a breadth class on the subject, and my fascination has only continued to grow. Currently, I am helping the lab with Outreach by creating resources to initiate community interaction and education.

Madison Hernandez

I am a second year student pursuing a B.S. in entomology. I joined the Heteropteran Systematics Lab in June of 2016, as part of a research program hosted for stem students. I am currently studying the diets of reduviids, with a particular interest on local assassin bugs, especially Phymata pacifica. I've always loved insects, and loved studying them (the stranger, the better), so choosing a career in the entomology field seemed like the best fit for me. 

Anna Georgieva

This is my second year at UCR, and I am currently majoring in Biology, but I hope to be switching to Neuroscience soon. I was introduced to Entomology during my Freshman Advising Seminar and I started thinking about how I could incorporate it into my interest in the medical field. I was also interested in it because looking at and studying bugs is something I have never even considered before and I thought that it would be an interesting way to expose myself to new ideas. I initially worked on georeferencing for the ABDC Project, but started research on kissing bug host detection in spring 2015. 

Michelle Ly

Hi, my name is Michelle Ly. I am a freshman, majoring in Biochemistry at UCR, and I joined the Heteropteran Systematics Lab September of 2016. As I entered college, I wanted to explore different subjects and gain new experiences, so I was excited to be a part of an entomology lab. Although I constantly get bug bites, I have always found insects fun to observe and hope to learn more about them in my time here. I am currently assisting with the Dipsocoromorpha project by databasing and processing specimen images.

 Joanna Mai

I am a third-year undergraduate pursing a B.S. in Sustainability Studies and I joined the Heteropteran Systematics Lab in September 2016. The opportunity to work in the Heteropteran Systematics Lab has exposed me to the interesting world of Dipsocoromorpha bugs. I am a proud member of the team and I assist by databasing and georeferencing specimens!

  Kyle Whorrall

I am a senior entomology undergraduate from coastal Los Angeles. I have been working in the lab on Dipsocoromorpha since winter 2017. Current projects include description of a new genus and species of schizopterid and species diversity assessment of Ceratocombus through barcoding. In addition to insects, my interests include other arthropods and plants. I plan to continue pursuing insect systematics after graduation.